Real Estate Construction Planning

Parking is something you usually don’t think about when planning a construction project, but it is an important topic that could save you lots of headaches once you are started. If you’re working on a structure in a remote area then you are probably okay. But if you are in a Suburban or Urban location, this could be something you might want to consider during the planning phases. Most construction companies only think about the trucks that they are going to be using on a daily basis as far as planning on parking. But as the project commences, there will always be additional resources needed which will require more vehicles to be able to access the area. When S&S is out doing Villanova heating repair , they always obtain legal commercial zones that can be blocked off for their trucks. That way they have all of the space they need.

construction zones

So first you need to plan for your own crew and their cars or trucks. And then you want to double that. As the building goes up you will find the need to call in extra help, or outside contractors to handle situations which you did not foresee from the start. Also if a project gets behind schedule you may need to hire an entire cleanup crew to assist your regular workers. During crunch time, your crew needs to be focus on the project at hand and not the cleanup portion. So you may need to hire an entire staff just for that, and that means they need parking. A more important aspect of this dilemma are the actual construction components that have to be delivered to the site.

project extra workers

Everyone plans to have one or two trucks per day come in and deliver goods, but rarely does it work that easily. Suppliers often underestimate the amount of trucks they need to deliver a certain amount of product and that means more vehicles that will be coming to your front door. Also as much as you try to plan to have your deliveries spaced out, you will find many times that they all want to come on the same day. This could cause huge traffic problems if you live in an urban area. You have a project deadline with your trying to meet, but at the same time you’re blocking rush hour traffic with your supply trucks. This creates a nasty situation which could lead to legal implications. So when planning for your parking needs on your construction project, double every space you think you may need and you should be fine once the project commences.