What Exactly Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

When it comes to buying or selling property that’s when most people have to use the services of a real estate lawyer, but real estate law is more than just buying or selling a home.  Real estate law can be as simple as selling your primary home or extremely complicated leasing agreements.  So what exactly to real estate lawyers do?  Let’s have a look at some of the legal issue that they handle.

Purchases and Sales

This is the most common situation where you will come into contact with a real estate lawyer, when you are buying or selling your home.  An attorney will provide services to sellers, buyers or the broker during a real estate transaction.  They can do more than title searches they can also help you through the entire negotiating  process when you are buying a home, buying land, an office building or an apartment complex.  They can also let you know of any potential tax issues surrounding a real estate deal.


Unfortunately not all disputes can be solved in a civilized manner and litigation happens.  However litigation in real estate law covers more than just law suits, it can also cover restructuring of debt, loans against property and recovery of assets during a default.

Commercial Leases

Commercial leases can become very complicated and you’re best served working with a real estate lawyer before signing a commercial lease.  This type of transaction can include office, industrial, warehouse and leverage leases just to name a few.


A real estate lawyer can help you with issues you may have to look at before agreeing to a deal, particularly in regards to titles.  This could be advice on your rights and responsibilities when it comes to legal access to roads, they can evaluate documents pertaining to your property.  The can help you find the current owners, if there are liens on the property and what the taxes are, are there development interests and are there any encroachments.

Disputes with Your Real Estate Agent

Disputes between clients and realtors happen more often than it should and these are some of the most common real estate issues attorneys deal with.  A good attorney can help resolve this dispute in your favor.

Finding the Right Attorney

There are dozens of real estate attorneys in your city so you will have to filter through them to find the right lawyer for your situation.  Check with friends and colleagues for recommendations and you can also check into review sites, the number of cases the attorney has won along with testimonials from previous clients.  Take into consideration how long they have been practicing as well.