Real Estate Boundries

When you go to buy a property, the real estate agent shows you the home, yard, and the boundaries. You get all excited thinking about all the new things you’re going to do with your new home. Sundeck, tree house for the kids, maybe even a pool. All these great ideas are swirling in your head when you finally sign the papers and own your own home. But has the agent giving you all the facts? It may not be glamorous to do research prior to buying your home, but it can save you a fortune in time, money, and headaches to be diligent before you buy.

property lines

What am I talking about here? Property lines. The real estate agent showed you where your property lines were, but that is just the information they have. Many times you and your neighbors don’t truly know where your property lines lie. They may have built a fence around the area they thought was the property, and you just assume that’s where there’s starts and yours ends. You want to go down to the county courthouse and investigate exactly where your property is. Then after you have the measurements, you want to pace your property based on the numbers that you have, to make sure you understand where your boundaries are.

The reason for all this diligence? Imagine you dig a huge hole for a pool, and then your neighbor finds out that part of the pool truly lies on his property. If he is nice, you will come to some easy understanding and possibly just let him use the pool. But if you do not get along with them, they can force you to stop construction, or pay them a monthly fee for the use of the property. Either way it’s a financial and mental hardship based around something that was supposed to provide fun and excitement for your family. So when you meet with the real estate agent in the hopes of buying a new home make sure they understand how important is that you know the correct boundaries of your land. If they do not know, go to the county courthouse and research these for yourself.

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